Auto-Mow Impact Safety Boundary Cable.

Apr 8, 2020 | Blog

The Auto-mow Impact Safety Boundary Cable is the most durable product on the market with the best cable-connection – and with a 10-year guarantee, you won’t need any other Boundary cable!

Cable Construction:


The Auto-Mow Impact Safety Boundary Cable is designed for long-term durability with a strong connection. With a high quality three-layer protective material, the Impact Safety Cable is protected from any kind of breakage.

The outer material is made of a flexible, strong and high-quality plastic that protects the cable from all outer impacts and punctures. The second layer is made of a metal-net. This special net makes the cable almost impossible to break, while increasing the connection up to 100% due to its connection-enhancing abilities. Lastly, the third layer is a thin layer of plastic that isolates the inner wire.

And what makes the Impact Safety Boundary Cable the best cable on the market?

The boundary cable is the most common reason for a robot to stop. This often happens when a cable is broken, or the connection is weakened because of rust and/or bad quality cable. The conventional boundary cable does not have any protective layers, it only has a thin layer of plastic that is easily broken by gardening tools or animal bites, without any breakage-warranty. If a break or rupture occurs, the connection will either disappear or progressively weaken until the connection is lost.  If this happens, the process of finding and repairing a broken boundary cable is extremely time-consuming and agitating and will also weaken the connection after the restoration.

“This will not happen to the Impact Safety Boundary Cable” – compared to the older, more conventional boundary cable, the Impact Safety Boundary Cable provides a durability that is unmatched by any other cable. This is not the only thing the Impact Safety Boundary Cable excels in. It also has the best connection on the market. By using the metal layer, you can increase the cable-connection up to 100%. All of this will save time and money, because of the durability, connection-strength and quality that the Impact Safety Boundary Cable offers.

You won’t find a better cable than the Auto-mow Impact Safety Boundary Cable. It is for those who wants the highest quality of product and a professional installation. The durability, quality and 10-year-guarantee is simply unmatched by any other cable on the market!


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