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Safety Boundary Cable

Auto-Mow’s safety boundary cables are something out of the ordinary. Compared to conventional boundary cables, our safety boundary cables provide durability currently unmatched by any other cable on the market. In addition – our cables work with all robotic mower manufacturers, making them an excellent choice for any installation.


Safety Boundary Cables That are Almost Impossible to Break

Our safety boundary cables are built up of three layers. Even though the layers consist of both strong plastic and metal nets, the cable is highly flexible and fits tight pivot angles. 

The outer layer is made out of a solid yet flexible plastic. This layer functions as a first protection from impacts or punctuations caused by external factors like other gardening tools, machines or animal bites.

The second layer is made of a metal net. This metal net, in combination with the outer plastic layer, creates a boundary cable which is almost impossible to break. 

Finally, the inner layer consists of a thin plastic cover. This layer protects and insulates the core wire. Since this structure is nearly impossible to damage, Auto-Mow offers a 10-year repair guarantee. 


Improve Connection With Up to 100%

Our safety boundary cables are not only performing at the top level regarding durability and quality. The metal layer which protects the inner wire can increase the cable connection up to 100%, resulting in one of the best connections on the market.


Our Safety Boundary Cables are Unmatched on the Market

Any other cable currently unmatches the durability, quality and 10-year guarantee on the market. So, not only are these products something out of the ordinary. They can also be easily installed with our cable layer machines

Put simply – Auto-Mow’s Safety Boundary Cables are some of the best products a professional robotic mower installer or retailer can work with.