AUTO-MOW welcomes Tidab as our distributor in Sweden

Apr 27, 2022 | Blog

Since day one, AUTO-MOW has been following the same mission; revolutionizing the robot mower industry by crafting innovative, easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions for our respected dealers. Therefore, we constantly seek out high-quality and trustworthy partners with whom we share our core values. Because of that, we are incredibly excited to share one of our biggest news lately. AUTO-MOW is welcoming Swedish Tidab to our valued family of distributors in Europe.

Tidab cooperates with Over 150 swedish retailers

The highly-developmental and innovative Tidab crew are general Robomow and Belrobotics distributors for Sweden. In fact, the company is a massive player in the garden industry, providing first-class products in the lawnmower business for decades now. In addition, Tidab also specializes in providing training, support, service, and assistance to all its dealers.

With such a thriving business, it’s only natural for the company to be at the forefront of the gardening industry with its highly-functional and cost-effective solutions and technology. The AUTO-MOW-Tidab collaboration was thus a natural next step for both companies to reach their goal of offering the best robot mower equipment and accessories.

From a dedicated machine service to a well-established agency

Traktor & Maskinservice has been a pioneering repairing company since 1977, focusing on professional repairs at humane prices. The company then specialized in agricultural machinery such as tractors and combine harvesters. The unique thing about this company was its diligence and passion.

For example, the founder Thomas Ove Kjellin lived right next to the workshop and thus provided repairs for his clients whenever they needed them. Whether it was during working hours or not. That spirit of service still lives with Tidab even now, so we at AUTO-MOW felt this collaboration is the next massive step.

Tidab Is now the biggest brand in the swedish Robotic Lawnmower industry

In 1990, the company started selling lawnmowers, both hand, and ride-on mowers, from well-known and valued brands like Klippo, Toro, Snapper, and Murray. In 2007, Traktor & Maskinservice became the general agency in Sweden for friendly robotic lawnmower Robomow and changed its name to Tidab.

Two years later, Tidab became the leading Belrobotics distributor, including the world’s most giant robotic mower, sized up to 20,000 m² (BIGMOW). This accomplishment led other big agencies in the gardening industry to turn to Tidab and cooperate, with AUTO-MOW being the newest addition to the leading pack in the business.

Tidab is one of the largest Auto-Mow solutions distributors

Both Tidab and AUTO-MOW are equally excited about this deal. Tidab’s website states that the company is thrilled they became the newest distributor for all robotic lawnmower innovative solutions created by AUTO-MOW. Since both companies emphasize quality, credibility, innovation, and service, it’s only logical for Tidab to join in AUTO-MOW’s loyal family of distributors.

As of recently, Tidab is offering AUTO-MOW’S broad range of robotic lawnmower products, including boundary cables, installation materials, robot lawnmower blades, tools and troubleshooting.

AUTO-MOW Is proud that our first-class products are in valued and trustworthy hands

Over at Tidab, they state that the service counts as their biggest strength. Naturally, therefore, they know robotic mower machines inside and out. Since our products are precisely the crucial parts of those, we’re optimistic the collaboration will create new value for our customers all over Sweden.

After all, getting local maintenance and repairs is a huge benefit to all garden industry workers using robotic lawnmowers in their business. In Tidab, they get expert help and the market’s best care.

Moreover, Tidab is continuously updating its product line with ground-breaking robot lawnmower solutions, all the while working to improve its training and service for dealers and customers.

AUTO-MOW Is a part of the Influential pack in the Robotic Lawnmower Industry

Our vision was clear from the start – to support gardening professionals in the industry with sheer competence, innovative tools, and products. With Tidab as our newest trusted partner, AUTO-MOW is elevating the standards of quality, functionality, assistance, and reliability.