Keep the Bigmow safe and display a sponsorship!

Dec 8, 2021 | Blog

I think we can all agree that Bigmow is a hell of a powerful robotic lawn mower, and as such, a very precious one. This Belrobotics machine is the side-kick used to maintain an impeccable lawn. Therefore, any robotic lawn mower installer or dealer will agree that such a powerful tool should be protected at all costs. We at Auto-Mow agree to the fullest, which is why we designed a game-changing Bigmow garage to protect it from the elements, thieves, Hooligans, and stray footballs.

Bigmow Sponsor Home is the first-ever garage made exclusively for the Bigmow. Since this automatic mower serves as one of many sports’ irreplaceable heroes, it’s only logical to provide it with suitable protection. Auto-Mow’s Sponsor Home will not only guard your Bigmow but also help you make some extra income.

Bigmow Garage Helps the Look of the Landscape and Generates Income

The garage will undoubtedly help make the landscape more attractive. In the case of Auto-Mow’s Sponsor Home, you also get a chance to explore sponsorship options and make some extra income.

If you think about the considerable labor savings a robot lawn mower gives you, it’s clear that a Bigmow sponsor home is a worthwhile investment. The garage is made of rigid high-quality materials which can withstand damage – aluminium, steel, and plexiglass.

Every Bigmow Deserves to Have Protection

If you want your Bigmow to live a long and happy life, then you should invest in reliable lawn mower protection. After all, it’s an expensive purchase, and you want it to stand the test of time. True, this powerful robot lawn mower can be left outside. A Belrobotics Bigmow is made from an aluminum and stainless-steel chassis, so it should survive adverse conditions. However, it is not indestructible, so you would be wise to invest in Bigmow protection. There are several reasons for that.

Humans Are Cool, but Not All of Them Are Nice to Robots

If the Bigmow is used in public places, you risk that people will accidentally move the machine or interrupt the charging process. Bigmow protection will make sure that the robot is safe when resting.

What Makes Auto-Mow’s Sponsor Home a Worthwhile Investment?

Take one look at it, and you will notice the unique design that fits the docking station perfectly. Moreover, you will see that this Bigmow garage offers an ideal surface area for sponsorships.

Bigmow garage – Glass front

Not only is the Bigmow Sponsor Home innovative it is also cost-effective. It’s another way to get your hands on some extra income, especially if you are a robotic lawn mower dealer. Just think about it from a marketing perspective – you can advertise yourself on the field and generate more clients.

Since we know everyone is unique, we offer to design the garage in the color with unique features that fit your needs.

The Main Features of Bigmow Sponsor Home

Auto-Mow’s Belrobotic protection increases the lifespan of Bigmow lawn mowers. Considering the price of a mighty Bigmow, that alone should be a solid argument for you.

However, we have more:

  • It is robust and spacious (159 cm x 150 cm x 66 cm).
  • It offers sponsorship options.
  • It has unique Danish design appreciated across the globe.
  • It fits all Bigmow models.
  • It weighs only 10 kilograms.

The Bottom Line

Auto-Mow has a mission to change the Robot mower industry with innovative, straightforward, and cost-effective solutions. The Bigmow Sponsor Home is just one of the newest jewels we crafted for our valued robotic lawn mower dealers.

This sturdy Bigmow protection will be the best home to your lawn hero, keeping it safe from the elements, burglars, and stray balls. And not only that you would be crazy to pass up the opportunity to use Bigmow Sponsor Home to generate advertising revenue.


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