Green Focus – because small things can make a difference

May 16, 2022 | Blog

There is no better helper than robot lawnmowers when it comes to modern gardening and landscaping. These easy-to-use, innovative garden heroes are responsible for lush lawns – without people lifting a finger. And while saving time and energy is undoubtedly the main benefit of having a robot mower, there are issues with the robot mower industry. 

Plastic and cable are being left in the ground, and many cable machines runs on Gasoline.
Initially, we can conclude that robot mower installation was not eco-friendly or sustainable. However, environmentally safe products are an essential requirement nowadays, as they should be. We at AUTO-MOW are not only aware of that fact but also deeply passionate about green robot mower installations – and we want to “go green” where this is possible.

New Eco-Friendly Solutions for the Robot Mower Industry

Since day one, AUTO-MOW has been working hard to revolutionize the robot mower industry by creating innovative and cost-effective gardening solutions. So naturally, this mission includes being on the right side of history. Therefore, we decided to offer eco-friendly, earth-safe AUTO-MOW products. These include biodegradable pegs, extreme biodegradable pegs, recyklable packaging and battery-powered cable machines. 

Did you know that biodegradable pegs decompose after only one to two years in the ground? Because of this, robot mower installers all over the globe opt for the green solutions we offer at AUTO-MOW. 

After all, we know it’s mostly impossible for the installers to gather the spikes once they install underground, making biodegradable pegs a must-have for those wanting a sustainable garden. Furthermore we use recycled wood for our spools. So let’s look at the details and the essential benefits of AUTO-MOW’S green products.  

Compostable Biodegradable Pegs

Did you know that most installers leave the boundary cable underground after reinstalling a new one? A study showed that 90 percent of installers do this. However, our biodegradable pegs make it easier to rid the Earth of old cables and leave an excellent, clean installation underground. 
All you need is just one cable and one set of pegs. Additionally, a study proves that biodegradable pegs have identical strength and endurance as plastic ones. 

These Earth-friendly pegs are a considerable step up from the plastic ones we have used for many years. In addition, the pegs approved by the EU regulations decompose after 1-2 years and turn into compost. Fantastic, right?
Importantly, AUTO-MOW’S biodegradable pegs have the same quality and endurance as regular plastic pegs. Also, these environmentally-friendly pegs are cost-effective. 

Compostable Extreme Biodegradable Pegs

At AUTO-MOW, we went a little further to perfect our robot mower green installation and decided to create extreme biodegradable pegs. The unique thing about those is the anchors on the edges, which enable a firmer grip on the ground. These also start to decompose after 1-2 years.
The extreme biodegradable pegs are a much greener option than plastic ones since those make it impossible to remove the cable from the ground after years of usage. In addition, since bio pegs decompose, they make it very easy to rid our precious Earth of old wires. 

Portable Winch Cable Machine – PWM 600MH-Li

Typically, cable machines run on gas. However, AUTO-MOWS gardening hero enables emission-free operation because it runs on a 600 MH-Li battery. This unique cable machine works excellently to optimize installation and make installers’ work way more manageable and, what’s critically important at this point, sustainable and eco-friendly. 

AUTO-MOW’s battery-powered cable machine can install a wire from any robot manufacturer with configurable wire reel support. Moreover, the device supports up to thousand-meter rolls. The portable winch cable machine will install 600 meters per hour, 4-6 centimeters underground, thanks to the 1.0kW brushless motor for Lithium-Ion batteries 80/82V. 

Also, this portable cable machine weighs only 38 kg. Still, it can spool up to 1000 meters of cable and has a reversible hardened steel blade capable of fighting obstacles underground. 
Moreover, it allows using most wire reels up to 800 meters and offers many possibilities regarding configurations. Therefore, it truly is the best eco-friendly cable machineon the market right now.

Wooden Garages

Recyclable Packaging

More than one product, or product packaging, in the Auto-Mow’s collaction is made out of recycling material.

Some examples of this would be our cardboard boxes, recyklable plastic on the packaging of the Robot ReDirect and the wooden spools, which are not only good for the environment but also provide a better quality, and therefore a lower margin of error in the production.

At Auto-Mow the believe is that even small things can make a difference. Therefore productdevelopment is made with a green focus to refine the quality of the products while improving the world we all are a part of.