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Installation Kits for Robotic Mower Boundary Wires

Auto-Mow's installation kit for boundary wires includes all the necessary components for a robotic mower installation with a professional result. Our kit works well with all robotic lawn mower manufacturers. 


Installation Kit for all Robotic Lawn Mower Manufacturers

Installing boundary weirs for a robotic lawn mower requires high-quality boundary cables, pegs, cable connectors and docking station connectors. You find all of this in Auto-Mow's installation kit.

We know that every installation is different. Therefore, we offer a variety of boundary wire installation kits. Choose between XS, S, M, L and XL – with cable lengths from 100 meters up to 500 meters with an appropriate number of pegs, cable connectors and docking connectors.

The kit includes a boundary cable that is 2,7 mm in diameter. The cable has a core wire which is protected by a cover in hard plastic. Our 2,7 mm cable suits installations above ground for all robotic mower manufacturers. 

With time, the pegs help the cable bury itself just beneath the ground's surface. In addition, the pegs are biodegradable and become compost after two years. This makes removing the cables easier, which is helpful when, for example, reinstalling cables or de-installing robotic mowers. 


Everything you Need for Professional Robot Lawn Mower Installations

Some installations require other or additional components. For example, some lawn owners prefer cables buried deeper in the ground. It is usually better to use a thicker cable, such as 3,4 mm or 3,6 mm, for those installations. If the risk of cable damage is high, the safety boundary cable might be a good option since it is almost impossible to break. 

Auto-Mow is dedicated to providing professional robotic mower installers and retailers with innovative solutions for all aspects of the robotic lawnmower industry. If you are looking for a specific solution or have questions about our assortment, do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help.