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Cable Repair Kit for Boundary Wires

The majority of robotic mowers use boundary cables to navigate. To ensure the robotic mower operates within the desired area, intact boundary wires are essential. However, there is usually no need to reinstall the full boundary wire if only parts are damaged. Auto-Mow's cable repair kit provides the necessary components and works with all robotic mower manufacturers. 

Fix Damaged or Broken Cables With a Cable Repair Kit

If the boundary wire for a robotic mower is damaged or broken, it can prevent the mower from functioning correctly, causing it to stop working or navigate incorrectly. The boundary cables are often long and installed over large areas. However, there is usually no need to spend time and money to reinstall the entire wire. Instead, you can locate where the wire is broken with the help of a cable tracker and repair only the damaged parts of the cable. 

This is where our cable repair kits come in handy. The cable repair kit provides the necessary components to fix any broken part of a cable – boundary cables, plastic pegs and connectors. Choose between the kit sizes S, M and L, making them suitable for both smaller and larger reparations.

  • Small kit – 5 meters cable, 10 plastic pegs, 5 connectors 

  • Medium kit – 25 meters cable, 10 plastic pegs, 5 connectors 

  • Large kit – 50 meters cable, 20 plastic pegs, 10 connectors

We recommend using the connectors together with a mineral oil lubricant. The oil creates a tight seal that prevents the connectors from getting affected by moisture within the ground.


Use a Cable Repair Kit to Extend or Change Mowing Areas

A cable repair kit is also an option for extending or redirecting the robotic mower's operation area. For example, new gardens or flower beds might be added after the first installation of the robotic mowers operation area is installed. Then you can easily adjust the mower's cutting area and keep the new delicate sections off-limit.

For larger redirections or changes, an installation kit might be another option to consider. Read more about the installation kit here.