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Robotic mower blades for most mower models

A robot mower is more or less self-operating, but when it comes to the blades, it needs a helping hand during cutting season. To make sure that the blades are sharp and always offer the perfect cut in any garden, you should replace them regularly. 

At Auto-Mow, we offer a wide range of blades to the robot mower manufacturers on the market. Find robot mower blades for your Husqvarna, Belrobotics, STIHL, Robomow, and Ambrogio to AL-KO, Honda, Worx, and Bosch.

All our blades are designed with the greatest concern for safety and quality. In addition, they come with an extra hard coating to prevent breakage if the robot mower hits a firm surface or object during cutting.

How often should I switch the blades on my robot mower?

It’s hard to say how often you ought to replace the blades on your robotic mower. It depends on what model it is, how large an area you have to cut and what type of lawn you have. As a rule of thumb, regular mower blades should be replaced once every 1-3 months. However, if your mower uses star-shaped blades (for example, Ambrogio), you just need to replace it once every season. 

By switching the blades regularly, you will get a better result, the robot mower battery will last longer, and your lawn will stay in excellent condition the whole season. 

Buy automower blades online

At Auto-Mow, we offer new mower blades for robotic lawnmowers from most manufacturers. Please select the brand in the top menu, or browse our catalogue to find suitable blades for your robotic mower.  

By clicking on a specific product, you will see if the blades are compatible with your robot lawn mower model. All blades come in packaging units equivalent to the robotic mower brand. For retailers and repair shops, we offer most of our blades in packs of 300 pieces. If you have any questions or need advice regarding our products, don't hesitate to contact us.

Also, discover our other robotic lawn mower products, such as robot mower garages and houses, boundary safety cables, and cable repair kits. With Auto-Mow, the grass is always greener on your side!