Boundary Wires for Robotic Mowers – Good to know!

Feb 20, 2023 | Blog

A boundary wire or boundary cable is a robotic lawn mower wire that is most often buried underground. If it is placed over the ground, it will slowly make its way into the ground over time, getting “invisible” to the naked eye.

Your home’s electrical system is linked to the boundary wire, so when the system is turned on, electricity flows through the wire, creating the boundary to keep the robot mower in a particular area.

How Do Boundary Wires Work With Robotic Lawn Mowers?

The boundary wire, also known as the perimeter wire, is a thin wire laid around the entire working area of your mowing robot. Typically, the wire is insulated with a PVC sheath. Most robotic lawnmowers use a boundary cable to find their way around. Place the cable along the edges of the area you want to mow. This defines the area where the robot mower can move around using the signal running through the boundary wire.

The charging station is where the cable starts and ends. This sends a small amount of electricity through the cable, making a magnetic field. Special sensors on the robotic mower pick up on this magnetic field. The stronger this field is, the closer it is to the cable, giving the robot mower an invisible wall around the garden.

Different Types of Boundary Wires

Auto-Mow produces a variety of boundary wires that gives you the liberty to choose what you need and explore the different types of Auto-Mow boundary cables.

All Auto-Mow cables come with meter markings on the wire, to make it easy to see how much cable there has been used in the installation e.g.

Auto-Mow Basic Boundary Cable

However, the 2.7mm cable is mainly used for installation above ground, since it will seek into the ground faster, with the thin isolation.

The 2.7 mm Basic Cable is a good cable that can be used for any installation of a robot mower.  To keep the wire safe, the cable is wrapped in hard plastic. It is still very bendable and can be laid with any cable machine.  

The cable comes on 800-meter and 1.000-meter high-quality wooden spools, and plastic for the smaller spools.  Available on 150/250/500/800/1000-meter drums with a 2.7 mm diameter. It works with any robotic lawn mower.

Auto-Mow  2,7mm Basic Cable
2,7mm Basic Cable – Green
Auto-Mow_ 3,4mm Black Boundary Cable - Standard
3,4mm Standard Cable – Black

Auto-Mow Standard Boundary Cable

The 3.4 mm green Robot mower boundary cable is a high-quality cable that works for ALL robot mower installations. Just like the basic boundary cable, the cable is wrapped in hard plastic to keep the wire safe.

Available on drums with 50, 100, 150, 250, 500, or 800 meters and a 3.4mm diameter.

The 3.4 mm can be used for all cable machines, although a few machines cannot use the 800 meter size spools. 

The bigger spools of robot mower boundary cable
from Auto-Mow, are made of high-quality wood,
to minimize the chance of breakage if the spools is droped.

Auto-Mow Premium Safety Boundary Cable

The 3.8mm Premium Safety Cable is a choice for the most professional installers in the market and provides an almost break-free solution.

The premium cable has 3-layer protection and is designed for Dealers/Installers who deliver high-quality installations.

The specific net protection is made to prevent damage to the wires, giving the robot a faultless signal. Rest assured that it will protect against regular garden equipment and rodents in the garden.

The cable also comes with a 10 years warranty, and we are proud to say we are the only ones in the world to offer such a warranty.

The 3.8mm also comes in an orange color. This can be used for a second installation in the same garden, or to have a better visual view below ground. The orange version of our green Impact Safety Cable has the exact same features as the green version. 

How to Choose the Right Boundary Wire

It’s crucial to pick the correct boundary wire. The wrong kind of wire might cause issues with your mower, including lower battery life, ineffective mowing, and even the mower leaving your property. When selecting a boundary wire for your robotic lawn mower, you should consider a few things.

1.  Thickness and Flexibility

In most cases, the wire will perform better if it is both thicker and more flexible, as it will be less probable for it to break. As such, a boundary wire that is thicker will be sturdier and will last for a more extended period of time. This will be substantial enough to endure the elements and will have a long lifespan.

2. PE Outer Jacket Plastic

A boundary wire that has been coated in PE is another viable alternative. This particular variety of wire is resistant to the effects of the weather and will shield the wire from exposure to the elements. The best plastic variation of PE plastic is the HDPE, and is the only one Auto-Mow uses for all our boundary cables.

3. Price of the Boundary Wire

The cost of the boundary wire is another key consideration to make. You do not want to spend excessive money on the wire, but you also do not want to skimp and choose a really inexpensive and fragile wire. In other words, you will always get what you pay for, so keep this in mind.

The Best Boundary Cable

Auto-Mow boundary cables are of good quality and developed in collaboration with our dealers to guarantee that they meet the required standard. The boundary cables that we provide are suitable for use in any installation of a robotic lawnmower. We have varieties you can choose from that range from Basic boundary cables to Safety boundary cables. 

Your automated lawn mower cannot function properly without a high-quality boundary wire. The correct kind of boundary wire will be long-lasting, resistant to the effects of the weather, and thick enough to endure the pressures of the environment. The cost of the boundary wire is another crucial factor to take into consideration. However, selecting the boundary wire with the lowest price tag is not always the best option. A boundary wire of higher quality will not only endure longer but also be less prone to break and, thereby, cheaper for you as an installer in the long run.

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