Pro Guide Cable Connector

Apr 8, 2020 | Blog

The Pro Guide Cable Connector is a must have for any Automower-dealer who wants the highest quality of connection and signal strength with an easy installation.

The connector is used for the Guiding Cable which leads the robot mower back to its charging station. It needs to be connected to the Boundary Cable to function properly – This is where you need the Pro Guide Cable Connector!

The Pro Guide Cable Connector creates a connection between the boundary cable and the guiding cable while insulating the connection with gel. This creates a liquid water resistant seal and is heat resistant up to 75 degrees Celsius. By using the Pro Guiding Cable Connector, you avoid cutting or stripping the boundary wire because of the self-stripping function that electrically taps into the inner core wire without cutting any of the wire. This makes the installation easy and professional, without the loss of any signal strength.

And what makes the Pro Guide Cable Connector the best connector on the market?

Auto-mow is the only supplier of the Pro Guide Connector in EU, and compared to the other connectors on the market, the Pro Guide Cable Connector offers the highest quality of hardened plastic and water-protection, with the quickest and easiest installation. The quality of the hardened plastic ensures the best protection that will last longer than the weaker and less well-made products on the market. Furthermore, the main feature of the Pro Guide Cable Connector, is the self-stripping function that requires no cutting of the cables. This results in a stronger signal, faster connection and a professional installation.

There is no doubt that the Pro Guide Cable Connector is the best product available for the guide wire. It is made for those who does not sacrifice quality and wants the easiest and most professional installation.
No other connector on the European market matches the functionality, quality and simplicity of the Pro Guide Cable Connector!


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