Why is a Garage important for a Robot Lawn Mower?

Mar 20, 2023 | Blog

Robotic lawnmower garages protect the robot mower from weather like rain, wind, and harmful ultraviolet rays. You can extend the life of your hardworking robotic lawn mower by preventing it from being exposed to harsh elements or overheating while charging in the docking station.


4 Reasons why you should use a Robot Mower Garage

1. Protect it from the weather.

Most people see the garage as a protection against rain or even unexpected snow. But more importantly, the garage provides shelter for the robot operating in full sun. The rays from the sun will slowly fade the color of your robot, ruining the exterior look, but the heat created by the UV light is even more severe. A robot mower contains a battery with the risk of overheating, especially when placed in the docking station charging.

2. Unintended Interruption

A large number of individuals can be seen passing through areas such as public parks and other types of green space. Sometimes they might move the robot without meaning to, which could result in the charge on the robot being disrupted. 

3. Projectiles

Even if the robot mower can resist the hit of the range balls on its own, another application for a garage is to protect the charging station from projectiles. This can be accomplished by placing the charging station inside the garage. For instance, on a golf course or a football field, stray balls could hit the station’s sonar or charging arm, causing it to malfunction or perhaps become damaged. In this particular scenario, using metal mesh to safeguard the station is one of the available options.

4. Aesthetic Purposes

In addition to this, the garage may also be used for ornamental purposes. Some owners choose to do so because they want to personalize the installation, while others value the aesthetic properties of the construction.

Robot Lawn Mowers Garage Ideas from Auto-Mow

1. The Cube

The Danish-designed Cube delivers a fantastic appearance for any garden. The drapes at the front of the garage conceal the robot from view. Compared to plastic robot garages, the cost of this garage is reasonable for all. 

The garage has excellent airflow, and the robot is protected year-round. We created two variations of the garage. One is designated for small/medium robots, and the other is designed for medium/large robots.

2. My Robot Home Compact

The door operates mechanically and doesn’t require an electrical installation or timer.

My Robot Home Compact has a name badge, a solar light, white-paneled windows, and doors to give it a refined appearance.

The robot is shielded in the garage, extending its life by several years.

3. Auto-Mow Garage, 2-in-1 Flower Pot

Auto-Mow is proud to introduce the first flowerpot garage available on the market, which will keep your robot concealed and out of sight.

The flowerpot garage is one of a kind due to the fact that it enables you to cultivate plants and food on its rooftop in the same manner that you would in a conventional flowerbed.

Because of this unique characteristic, you have freedom for creative expression as well as the ability to conceal the robot mower from plain sight. It protects both the docking station and the Robot Mower from the effects of weather, which increases the robot’s lifespan by many years. It is available in black and white color.

4. Universal Garage

The pegs that are included with the Universal garage make it simple to secure the garage to the ground, and the assembly process is quick and easy.

Your robot will be well protected from harmful ultraviolet rays, which have the potential to discolor the exterior of the robot and cause damage to the battery.

Bigger Garages from Auto-Mow


Auto-Mow is pleased to offer the most suitable dwelling for your Bigmow, which is constructed from a material that has an exceptionally long lifespan and provides security against footballs and intruders.

The Bigmow sponsor home is a garage that has an interesting architectural layout. The garage has a sufficient surface area for sponsorship and is large enough to accommodate the Bigmow docking station. This may be used, for instance, to generate advertising revenue from sponsors or promote the robot installers themselves to attract new customers.

We can also create the garage in any color that the customer desires.

Given the cost of a Bigmow, purchasing the garage not only extends the life of the robot but also represents a wise financial investment. It is a perfect robot mower house.

2. Ambrogio L400 Garage

The Ambrogio Garage is available for the L400, and we can make it in individualized color schemes. 


Auto-Mow offers a large selection of garages that serve as robot mower shelters for every type of robotic lawnmower on the market.  Some of them are constructed of fast-growing wood, while others are built of superior aluminum.

The robotic lawnmower will gradually deteriorate due to the changing weather. By giving the robot mower a garage, you give it protection from the elements year-round.