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The Best Robot Garage with Automatic Door – MY ROBOT HOME open and closes the door automatically! 

You don’t have to program a timer – the garage door is mechanical and is very easy to adjust for any robot mower.  You can also paint the garage yourself, to add your own unique look.

The Robot Mower and the Charging Station are also protected, which gives your robot many extra years of mowing.

  • Mechanical Port
  • Open and Closes automatic
  • High Quality Wood.
  • 2 Years warranty
  • Protects the Robot all year
  • Access the Robot from the top

-Patent Pending 2019

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  • Works for all Robot Mowers. (Ask us for Special guidance for STIHL and WORX).
  • Installed in minutes and maintenance-free for many years.
  • All wooden parts with double coating.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • 4 adjustable feet to prevent the wood from standing on the ground and attracting moisture.

Additional information


White, Wood


26 kg

Compatible with:

Automower: 105, 305, 308, 310, 315, 315X, 320, 330X, 420, 430X, 440, 450X, 520, 550, G2, G3, 210C, 220AC, 230ACX, 260ACX, 265ACX, SH Solar Hybrid (Not AWD), For all Robomow-autonomous models such as: MC300, MC500, MC1000, MC1200, MS-Serie, RL-series, RM-Series,.., For All Stihl/Viking iMow robots,
For all Gardena types such as: R38Li, R40Li, R45Li, R50Li, R70Li, R75Li, R80Li, R100Li, R130Li, R160Li, R165, R180, Sileno, Sileno+, Sileno City Smart, For all McCulloch such as: ROB R600 and R1000 Bosch Indego 800 1000 1100 1200 connect WorX Landroid

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