A-M Wire Stripper 5in1


No matter the wire task, then will the 5in1 wire stripper do the job.

You can either use the stripper to strip off the outer layer plastic for our standard cable, or use it for our special safety cable. The multi function will make sure you only need 1 tool when you handle a cable, even though the size of the cable. The crimping function I also often used for the docking station connection, the 5in1 wire stripper is the most preferred tool for our installers!


  • Stripping cable
  • Crimping Cable
  • Multipurpose stripping function
  • Cutting
  • Self adjusted to fit any cable type.

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Self Adjusting – Come with self-adjusting jaws best for copper and aluminum cables from 0.2-6MM2.
Clever Design – Plastic & cushion grip handle, provides maximum leverage (PP& TPR) and increased comfort and reduced hand fatigue making the grip Self Adjusting. Wire Stripping Tool perfect for big or small jobs.
Multi-Functional – Specially designed and precisely machined teeth grabs, holds, pulls and removes outer cover in a simple one-handed motion; Also a wire crimping tool (crimper) which crimps insulated and non-insulated automotive ignition terminals
Stripping: Designed stripping pliers lightweight, comfort in use.
Crimping: For crimping insulated and non-insulated terminals.

Material: Alloy Steel Jaws
Size: 28 x 12 x 3cm
Color: As the picutre show
Qty: 1pc

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