AM Portable Heat Gun

If you want to be sure to bring the best tool for any repair or installation of a robot lawn mower, then you need our AM Portable Heat Gun.

This product has been designed to make repairs on boundary cable in any garden at any location.

You can do over 30 repairs on one battery charge, and you are ensuring the best quality connection if you use our Pro Heat Shrink Kit for Repairs or connection of 2 wires.

The heat gun is running on 18volt power and with 4AH battery which will help you provide a powerful and long lasting heat blow. The max temperature is 550 C. and is a perfect adjusted temperature for all heat shrink connectors.

  • A must have for a Robotic Mower Installer.
  • Cordless performance with Lithium batteries
  • Repair over 30 boundary wires on 1 charge.
  • Works for all Robot Mower cables

You will quickly find that the AM Heat gun is your best friend in the outdoor field, if you need to use heat shrink, Heat sleeves, Tin or electrical tape.

Battery: 4AH lithium battery

Power: 18v


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Battery: 4AH lithium battery

Power: 18v DC

Rated current: 15A

Max temp: 550 C.

Max airflow: 200L/min

Runs per charge: 16,5min

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