A-M Pro Tracker


A-M Pro tracker can locate wire breaks down to a depth of 2 meters and is a must-have for any professional installer. 

  •  Locates cable breaks up to 2 meters underground
  •  Easy Setup
  •  Tracks up to 20 km cable
  •  Customized to locate broken wire underground
  •  Can be used for multi-wire or single-core wires

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Our professional tracker will help you find the cable leak and locate it much faster than regular trackers. It can find any cable leak for up to 20km cable. No matter the size of the area, the A-M Pro Tracker can help you find the leak.

sensitivity adjustable

There are gain buttons for sensitivity adjustment, one is on the transmitter and the other is on the receiver.
Users can adjust the sensitivity to suit their own needs and to narrow down the target range.

1. Earphones – to help work in noisy environments. 
2. Cable lead and socket – can be used at the same time. 
3. Low battery indicator function. 
4. Rechargeable lithium battery for the transmitter. 

Technical indexes: 
Max cable length – 20 km Max
Depth distance – 2m

Power supply transmitter: 3.7V Lithium battery
Receiver: 9V battery Low battery indicate
3.4V led light flashing
Receiver:6 V led light flashing Charging current 800mA
Signal transmission format Multi-frequency pulse
Signal output level 21Vp-p

Dimensions (LxWxH)
Transmitter : 152 x 55 x 34 mm

Receiver: 252 x 45 x 28 mm
Whole set: 320 x 160 x 55 mm Weight ( battery included )  Whole set: 0.5kg.

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Additional information

Weight0.3 kg

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