Worx Blades 12 Pcs (All models)


Worx blades from Auto-Mow are meant to last longer time because of the increased and hardened steel, and also the special sharpened technic that will sharpened the blades while the blades are cutting the grass.

The steel are also made with an increased hardened steel, that make sure the blades don’t break doing cutting. And also the screws are made with extra hard steel, to prevent the blades from falling into the garden.

  • Best quality Safety blades
  • Safety blades
  • Safety Screws
  • Long live time

It fits all Worx models.

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Steel: Stainless steel

Product nr: 39969998

We offer this model in 12 pcs replacement packaging.

It fits all Worx models.

Size of each blade: 36mm x 18mm x 0,5mm

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Weight0.2 kg

6, 9, 300

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