Long Life Safety Blades – Original

Long Life Safety blades 0,6mm for ALL Husqvarna Automowers.

The Long Life Safety blades are impossible to break and therefore prevent any blade debris from spreading on the lawn.

The screws have an extra hard coating that makes sure they don’t shatter when the robot mows the grass.

  • Comes in packs of 9pcs or 300pcs for service centers.
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  • Including anodized screws (cross + slot)
  • Works for all Husqvarna Automower and Gardena robotic lawnmower models:
    105, G1, G2, Solar Hybrid, 220AC, 230ACX, 260ACX, 265ACX, 305, 308, 310, 315, 320, 330ACX,
    420, 430X, 440, 450X, R38Li, R40Li, R45Li, R50Li, R70Li, R75Li, R80Li, R100Li, R130Li, R160Li, R165, R180, Sileno, smart Sileno, Sileno +, smart Sileno + and all other Husqvarna models.
  • DIN EN 50636 certified!
  • Including anodized screws (cross + slot)

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9 pcs. 0.6mm, 300 pcs. 0.6mm

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