AL-KO Robolinho 500-700 I/E/W blades (6 pcs)


The safety of Auto-Mow blades are our nr. 1 concern, and we have the best recommended steel for all our AL-KO blades.

The blades are made of a safety Stainless steel, that does not break doing cutting.
The steel also ensure a long live time of the blades cutting time, and will reduce the amount of changes of the blades.
The screw are also made of a hardened steel, that make sure you wont have any blades falling off doing cutting.

  • Best quality Safety blades
  • Safety blades
  • Safety Screws
  • Long live time

We offer the blades in a 6-pack replacement package.

Fits for: AL-KO Robolinho 500 I/E/W blades.
Size for each blade: 70mm x 20mm x 0,6mm

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Fits for: Robolinho® 700 /  500 I og 500 E og 500 W

  • Steel: Hardened Stainless steel.
  • Size for each blade: 70mm x 20mm x 0,6mm


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Weight2 kg

6, 9, 300

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