Extreme Biodegradable Pegs (Compostable)


It is time to change to environmentally friendly pegs for robot installations.

We offer new and improved bio pegs with anchors on the edges for a stronger grip in the ground.
Auto-Mow biodegradable pegs are approved for use in all gardens around the world, and they start to decompose after 1-2 years.
Study shows that the strength and quality of our bio pegs are the same as our normal plastic pegs.

The bio pegs are a better option if you choose to remove the cable from the ground after many years of usage, where normal plastic pegs would make this impossible. By using bio pegs the cable can be easily removed, as the bio pegs will decompose making removal of old cable very easy.

Why use bio pegs:

  • A better solution for the environment
  • High quality
  • Anchors better to the ground
  • 1-2 year degradable
  • Low cost


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