AM Hybrid Grass

The Hybrid grass by Auto-mow will improve the grip of the robotic lawnmowers and make your lawn flawless.

Every garden is unique, but there are lawn areas where we highly recommend using hybrid grass:

  • Under the docking station and just in front of the docking area.
  • Inside garage.
  • Steep slopes to avoid the sliding of the robot
  • Areas where the grass is worn and not looking healthy

AM Hybrid grass gives natural grass the opportunity to recover and grow through the mesh. The Hybrid grass ensures that the robot does not get stuck anywhere on the lawn, allowing the robot to cut the entire lawn – all season.

Want to read more about the benefits of Hybrid Grass?  See the blog post



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Auto-Mow recommends using bio pegs to attach hybrid grass to the ground.  The bio pegs will decompose in 2-3 years, by which time the grass will have fastened itself to the ground.

Dimensions: 80 cm x 80 cm

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Weight 0,5 kg

1 pc., 10 pcs.

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