Navi Home (RTK Garage)

Navi Home (RTK) is a specialized shelter designed to optimize the signal reception for RTK robots and is compatible with various satellite navigation systems. Its robust construction features sides crafted from durable aluminum composite and a sturdy PVC roof, ensuring a reliable protective haven for your RTK Robot.

Key Features:

  • RTK Compatibility
  • Simple Installation
  • UV-Protected Roof
  • Included Storm Anchors
  • Zero Maintenance

For a comprehensive overview of OEM numbers and product details, please refer to the additional information below.


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Setting up the Navi Home garage is easy and can be done in minutes. After assembly, use the provided storm anchors to secure the Navi Home garage firmly to the ground.

The top surface offers 100% signal transparency for the RTK antenna.

This design has been developed in collaboration with top-tier Husqvarna and Segway dealers, demonstrating an impeccable track record of signal retention.

The UV-protected roof is engineered to withstand adverse weather conditions, providing shelter from heavy rain and protecting your robotic lawn mower from sun-induced wear and tear.

For added convenience, the top of the garage can be opened, ensuring easy access to your robotic lawn mowers control panel. Moreover, this garage requires low maintenance.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 76 × 63 × 48 cm

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