My Robot Home Compact

Auto-Mow’s famous Highline garage in a smaller and compact version for all medium and small-size robots.

The door runs with a mechanical function and doesn’t demand a timer or electrical installation.
MY ROBOT HOME COMPACT comes with a Name tag, solar Light, windows and doors with white panels to give it a high-class look. 

The garage protects the robot and prolongs its lifespan of the robot by several years.


  • Solar Light
  • Fits Medium and Small robot mowers
  • Mechanical door that opens and closes automatically
  • High-quality wood
  • 2-Year warranty
  • Protects the robot all year
  • Access to the robot from the top

Dimensions: height: 52 cm, width: 69 cm, Length: 78,5 cm.

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Paint: Water-based paint

Garage size: 78.5 x 69 x 52 cm

Door dimensions: Width: 51 cm, Height: 31 cm

For available sizes see Downloads or below.

  • Automower 105, Automower 305, Automower 315X, Automower 310, Automower 315 Mark II
  • Automower 405X
  • Automower 310 MarkII
  • Automower 415X
  • Sileno minimo 250
  • Sileno minimo 500
  • Sileno city 400
  • Sileno city 600
  • Sileno city 250 Lona
  • Sileno life 750/Lona
  • Sileno city 500 Lona
  • Sileno life 1000/Lona
  • Sileno life 1250/Lona
  • Sileno life 1500
  • Ambrogio L60Elite/S+
  • Ambrogio L32 Deluxe
  • Ambrogio Twenty deluxe
  • Ambrogio Twenty Elite/S+
  • Ambrogio 4.0 basic/Elite
  • All Bosch Indego
  • Honda Miimo HRM 40/HRM 70
  • McCulloch Rob S400/S600
  • Stiga Stig 600/1200

Please ask us if your model is not here, or see the dimensions of the door at the top. Or download overview here

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

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My Robot Home Compact – White & Grey