INFINITY HOME – Built to last a lifetime.


Auto-Mow presents the garage for all future robots.  Infinity Home will protect and increase the life span of your robotic mower by over 20%.

The garage offers unique features such as an Automatic door and increased air flow, to make sure the robot is fully protected whilst not getting overheated.
The garage can be adjusted to fit up to 90% of all robot lawn mowers and it has an easy adjustment guide.

  • Solid hard wood
  • Automatic door (NEW)
  • Increased airflow
  • Danish design and quality
  • Best protection for your robot
  • Solar light spots
  • 2 years warranty
  • Access to the robot from the top

The garage will increase the robot lifetime by up to 20%, and it is a great investment to protect your robotic lawn mower.
We are soon to launch solar cells for the roof of the garage.

Door size: 63,5cm x 37cm
Length of garage: 97cm.


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Color: Natural

Wood type: Hard wood

Treatment: Oil and transparent paint

Port size: 63,5cm x 37cm

Length of garage: 97cm

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Weight 29 kg

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