Robot ReDirect


The Robot ReDirect is used to isolate an area within the boundary of the robot installation.

The Robot ReDirect is very easy to use, just twist the head, and the robot will be redirected. Twist the head back and you will include the entire garden again.

Offer your clients a customized robot installation which can be personalized to their garden and which meets the needs of their everyday life.

Give your customer a unique experience, so they don’t have to worry about the robot cutting the children’s toys or getting stuck on fallen fruit.

Robot ReDirect is used for:

  • Play areas
  • Fruit and nut trees
  • Avoiding areas effected by rain water
  • Seasonal flower beds
  • Trampoline
  • Outdoor party areas
  • Grill and barbeque

A standard customer needs on average 2 Robot ReDirects per garden, so there is a great opportunity to upsell the robotic lawn mower installation.




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How to connect Robot ReDirect:

  • You need 4 x 314 waterproof connectors
  • Extra cable for the area you want to exclude.
  • Installation time: 3 min.

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