Pro Guide Cable Connector

Avoid clipping the boundary cable by using the Pro Guide Cable Connector!

The Pro Guide Cable Connector is the preferred connector for all auto-mower installers. It offers a 100% waterproof connection for any underground cable.
You can use the Pro Guide Cable Connector to easily connect the boundary cable to the guide-wire, without clipping the boundary cable.

● Professional guide cable connector.
● 100% waterproof and resistant to heat and cold.
● Save time doing the installation.

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Run and Tap connector, Moisture Resistant, and Flame Retardant. The connector insulation is manufactured from polypropylene and used to electrically tap into a wire in mid-span without clipping or stripping the wire. It is 600V-rated and withstands temperatures of 167° F (75° C).

Maximum Operating Temperature (Celsius): 75° Celsius
Maximum Operating Temperature (Fahrenheit): 167° Fahrenheit
Maximum Recommended Voltage Rating: 600 V
Maximum Wire Gauge: 14 AWG Stranded
Minimum Wire Gauge: 18 AWG
Voltage Application: Low Voltage

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4, 25, 100

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