Heat Shrink Tube 1,1mm-6,4mm


This tube contains a high content of adhesive sealant inside.

This heat shrink tube makes the connection extremely strong, and together with our heat shrink connector, it will make an extremely good conductivity throughout the installation.

You can also use the heat shrink tube around docking station connectors to make an even more secure connection.

  • High content of adhesive sealant
  • Easy to shrink
  • 10cm in length
  • Very strong connection

We recommend using our heat gun for this repair.

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Available in 3 sizes:

Heat Shrink Tube 1,1mm – 3,1mm (100 pcs)
Heat Shrink Tube 1,8mm – 4,6mm (100 pcs)
Heat Shrink Tube – 2,4mm – 6,4mm (100 pcs)


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1mm – 3,1mm (100 pcs), 1,8mm – 4,6mm (100 pcs), 2,4mm – 6,4mm (100 pcs)

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