3,8 mm Premium Safety Cable


Premium Safety Cable 3, 8 mm is the first 3-layer Safety Cable with an infused anti-rodent repellent. Auto-Mow offers a 10-year guarantee against animal bites and garden tools!

A regular standard cable breaks typically 3,2 times within the robot mower’s lifespan, causing problems between installers and their customers. This normally ends up in warranty issues, compelling installers to reimburse their customers.

Our Premium Safety Cable is infused with a non-toxic repellent, which prevents animals from biting the cable more than once. It has a 100 % stronger metal mesh protection than our Safety Cable.

We know that time has value! And with Auto-Mow’s Premium Safety Cable, your time spending on repairs are over!

  • Sizes: 150/250/500/800 meters
  • Anti rodent repellent
  • 100% stronger mesh
  • 10 year repair guarantee
  • Professional installation cable
  • Fits any robotic lawn mower

Read this article on the Impact Safety Cable

Patent Pending


  • Thickness of the Premium Safety Cable 3,8mm with extra protection and higher insulation than the original plastic material.
  • Cable roll size: 150/250/500/800 Meters – the 800 meters will fit all professional cable machines.
  • Provides worry-free installation and protection from all animals and garden tools.
  • Used for installation of robot mowers, boundary loop, boundary cable, search cable, look-up loop, guide-wire and much more.
  • For all Husqvarna Automower types such: 105 305 308 310 315 315X 320 330X 420 430X 440 450X 520 550 G2 G3 210C 220AC 230ACX 260ACX 265ACX SH Solar Hybrid
  • For all Gardena types such as: R38Li R40Li R45Li R50Li R70Li R75Li R80Li R100Li R130Li R160Li R165 R180 Sileno Sileno+ Sileno City smart Sileno City smart Sileno smart Sileno+
  • For all McCulloch such as: ROB R600 and R1000 Bosch Indego 800 1000 1100 1200 connect WorX Landroid
  • For all Robomow-autonomous models such as: MC300, MC500, MC1000, MC1200, MS-Serie, RL-series, RM-Series,..
  • For all Ambrogio types such as: L200-250 -Robot models.
  • For All Stihl/Viking iMow robots
  • For All Honda Miimo robots

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

500m, 800m, 250m, 150m

Auto-Mow Catalogue

Download English Catalogue
Download German Catalogue
Download Spanish Catalogue
Download Italian Catalogue
Download Danish Catalogue

Instruction Manual

Cable installation and beakage finding - English
Cable installation and beakage finding - Danish
Cable installation and beakage finding - German
Cable installation and beakage finding - French
Cable installation and beakage finding - Spanish
Cable installation and beakage finding - Italian
Cable installation and beakage finding - Polish
Cable installation and beakage finding - Slovakian
Cable installation and beakage finding - Czech

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