Repair Kit for Boundary Cable

5 and 25 meter Repair Kits – Repair any broken cable with this complete set of cable, connectors and plastic pegs.

You can also use the 5 or 25 meters of cable to include an extra part of the garden to the existing installation area.

Auto-Mow offer 2 sizes of repair kit:

  • 25 meters cable, 10 plastic pegs 5 connectors.
  • 5 meters cable, 10 plastic pegs, 5 connectors.

Fits any robotic lawn mowers

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  • 25 meters cable, 10 Plastic pegs 5 Connectors.
  • 5 meters cable, 10 Plastic pegs, 5 Connectors.
  • Used for repairs or to add an extra part of the garden to the total installation.
  • Works for all robotic lawn mowers
  • Original part no: 597 53 95-01 (5 m)

Additional information

Weight5 kg

25m, 5m

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