Ambrogio Robot Blade – Ø35cm


Ambrogio Robot Blades with 4 and 8 star blades in size Ø 35 cm.

These blades are made of stainless steel. The blades are produced to last throughout an entire season, ensuring the grass looks beautiful every single day.

Auto-Mow offers these blades in Ø25cm, Ø29cm and Ø35cm with 4 or 8 stars.

The screws for the installation is included in the package.

You can see which blade fits which robot in the product details below.

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The following table shows, which blades fit specific Ambrogio models.

34509781Ø 35cm 4-StarL350i, L300 Elite, LB300EL LB3550*, LB3510*, LB3500*YesYes


Ø 35cm 8-Star


L350i, L300 Elite, LB300EL LB3550*, LB3510*, LB3500*YesYes
34899782Ø 29cm 8-StarL400/i x3, L85 Elite (Red), LB75DX w7.5AH Battery, LB85EL, LB200EL, L200, L200-R LB75DX 7.5Ah, LB3250, LB3210, LB3200, LB2150, LB2000, Evolution, Professional, Deluxe, Ambrogio L250iYesYes
34509727Ø 25cm 4-StarL85 Evolution (Green), LB75DX, LB75, LB1200YesYes
34899727Ø 25cm 8-StarL85 Evolution (Green), LB75DX, LB75, LB1200YesYes
34899726Ø 18cm 4-StarYesYes

Original part no: 4-star 300-D0042-04

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4-Star, 8-Star

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