Ambrogio Robot Blade 4 Star – Ø18cm


Ambrogio Robot Blades with 4 stars, in size Ø 18 cm.

These blades are made of stainless steel. They are produced to last throughout an entire season, ensuring the grass looks beautiful every single day.

The quality ensures that the robot will cut up to 20% more grass than the regular Ambrogio blades

The screws for the blades are included in the package.

You can see which blade fits which robot in the product details below.

Original part nr. L20Z13600A_R


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The following table shows, which blades fit specific Ambrogio models.

34509781Ø 35cm 4-StarL350i, L300 Elite, LB300EL LB3550*, LB3510*, LB3500*YesYes


Ø 35cm 8-Star


L350i, L300 Elite, LB300EL LB3550*, LB3510*, LB3500*YesYes
34899782Ø 29cm 8-StarL400/i x3, L85 Elite (Red), LB75DX w7.5AH Battery, LB85EL, LB200EL, L200, L200-R LB75DX 7.5Ah, LB3250, LB3210, LB3200, LB2150, LB2000, Evolution, Professional, Deluxe, Ambrogio L250iYesYes
34509727Ø 25cm 4-StarL85 Evolution (Green), LB75DX, LB75, LB1200YesYes
34899727Ø 25cm 8-StarL85 Evolution (Green), LB75DX, LB75, LB1200YesYes
34899726Ø 18cm 4-StarYesYes

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