WORX OEM: WA3225 (L1500i / M500/ WG754E/ WG790) – AL-WX03

AXCELL Robot batteries are compatible battery types built as per OE specifications.

Available in different technologies (NiMH, Li-Ion or LiFePo4), these batteries are designed for intensive charge & discharge and developed with first-class safety features. Ideal to offer the robot great autonomy in working!


Compatible battery type – Matching with OE specifications

High cycle life – High quality lithium cells

Low self-discharge – Long shelf life & ideal for seasonal use

Multi-position mounting – Even upside down

Covers the majority of parc – More than 200 robots models covered

Comes with first-class safety features – BMS integrated

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Specifications: Voltage: 28V. Capacity: 2,5AH. Power: 70WH

Protections function (PMC): Overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection, balancing function.

Operating temperture: Charge temperature: 0C to 45C. Discharge temperature: -10C to 60C. Storage temperature: 0C to 40C

Dimensions & weight: Length (L): 103.7mm (+/- 2mm). Width (W): 48.8mm (+/- 2mm). Height (H): 72.1mm (+/- 2mm). Weight: 0,42 kg.

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Weight 0,42 kg

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