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Cable Trackers

A cable tracker (sometimes called a wire tracer) is a must-have for any professional robotic mower retailer, installer or repair center. The cable tracker helps you efficiently locate boundary wires above and underneath the ground. 


A Cable Tracker Help You Trace Boundary Wires

A cable tracker consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is connected to the boundary wire and sends signals which are picked up by the receiver. Through the receiver, you get a clear indication of the location and direction of the boundary cable. 

At Auto-Mow, you can find cable trackers which trace wires buried in the ground as well as on the surface of the lawn. We have carefully chosen a selection of tracers to meet the different needs of robotic mower installers and repairers. For example, the AM Pro Tracker Plus allows you to detect wires up to 2000 meters long and buried down to 2 meters in the ground.


Benefits of Using a Cable Tracker

There are many benefits of using a cable tracker. They come in handy when, for example, expanding the area in which the robotic mower operates. With a clear view of where the wire is currently buried, you can easily plan where to install the additional boundary wire. 

This tool is also essential when trying to find errors. A robotic mower navigates with the help of the boundary wires. Damaged or broken boundary wires can therefore have a direct effect on the robotic mower's performance. For example, it might stop mowing the lawn or operate outside the desired area. The cable tracker helps you trace the wire and clearly indicate where the damaged or broken parts are located.

Usually, there is no need to reinstall the whole boundary cable. Instead, the cable tracker helps you locate the damaged parts to repair only the broken sections efficiently. In other words, this tool lets you know where the error is instead of spending time and money on guessing and unnecessary work.