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Cable Layer Machine

With a cable layer machine, it is easy to install boundary wires for robotic mowers. Cable laying machines bury the cables at a consistent depth in the ground, ensuring an easy installation process and clean result.


Cable and Wire Burying Machine Install Boundary Cables Efficiently 

In our cable layer machine category, you can find two alternatives – PWM 600MH-Li (driven by a battery) and Gasoline PWM600MH (driven by gasoline). Both are light, portable and easy to operate. For example, the machines’ multi-positional handle and ability to maneuver tight pivots make them easy to work with – even in challenging areas. 

They are able to install up to 600 meters of wire per hour. This speed makes any robotic mower installation highly efficient. Auto-Mow also provides long-lasting blades which perform well even in rocky or dry soil. With a strong blade that stands against rigid materials, installers can avoid spending too much time and money on changing cable machine blades.


Benefits of Using a Cable Laying Machine

There are many benefits of using wire cable layer machines. The machine helps any robotic mower installer to efficiently bury boundary cables and minimize heavy and time-consuming manual work. 

In addition, by burying the wire in the ground, you decrease the risk of cable damage. For example, other machines operating on the lawn, a range of weather conditions and animals can negatively impact cables installed above ground.

Another benefit of underground installations is the professional and clean result. The robotic mowers are equipped with sensors that detect wires and use them as a guide for where to operate. With hidden cables, your customers can enjoy the lawn without unnecessary visible bits and pieces and feel secure that their gardens and other delicate areas are out of reach for the mower. 


High-Quality Cable Layer Machines and Other Lawnmower products

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