Exhibiton: New and Innovative Products – Auto-Mow is my new favorite.

Jun 18, 2020 | Blog

Auto-Mow Stand

I have attended a couple of large horticulture-exhibitions this spring, both in the US and in Europe. It was amazing to see all the new innovative technology and the many new products at the horticultural market. I
spent most of my time both interviewing the manufactures, asking them about their products, as well as asking the retailers which new products they found the most interesting. I do this because my main goal
with attending these exhibitions is to find the best new products on the market.

After a lot of interviews with different retailers, there was especially one manufacturer that piqued my interest; a manufacturer called Auto-mow. I bumped into Auto-mow at the exhibition in the US as well as at the Arenanova-exhibition in Germany.

I took some pictures of the Auto-mow stand in Germany and some of their products in the US, and I truly think this company offers some great, innovative products.

My favourite product at the Arenenova-expo was Auto-mow’s Impact Safety Cable – here is why:

Most cable-installers use a normal boundary cable without any protective layers which makes the cable less sturdy and more likely to break rather quickly. This is where the Impact Safety Cable differs, as it is made with a special 3-layer-protection. At the showcase, they even took a shovel and dug into the cable to showcase its strong durability – and I was genuinely surprised by how strong the cable actually was. On top of that, it even comes with a 10-year guarantee. I talked to a couple of cable-retailers at the exhibitions who were just as impressed, and all very interested in the Impact Safety Cable. One of the retailers I talked to at the Auto-mow-stand, was loudly expressing his excitement: “Fixing a broken cable can be extremely agitating, so this cable could definitely be a gamechanger”.


When I attended the expo in the US, I also noticed a couple of Auto-mow products at a ROBOMOW-stand: The My Robot Home and the Flowerpot-garage. Again, I was impressed. The My Robot Home-garage is the only fully automatic garage on the market, and it does not need electricity. I must say, it sure is handy. I also noticed that it was one of the products that got the most attention at the exhibition. It has a simple and timeless design; it is made from wood, so it looks and feels like a high-quality product. The other garage, the flowerpot-garage, is also very cool. It hides away your robot in a streamlined, wooden design making it fit perfectly in the garden. And if you are wondering about the name, it is simply explained; the garage allows you to plant flowers or vegetables on top of the garage making it a beautiful addition to any garden.

The problem with horticultural products is that they often do not compliment the garden. They either look too plasticky in the midst of all the green and beautiful nature, or they stand out because the consumer tries to hide it away like a man in his 50’s tries to hide a bald spot with a combover – quick tip, trying to hide it, simply makes it more noticeable. To sum up, I think Auto-mow has created smart solutions that allow you to integrate the garage as a feature in the garden, instead of it being an annoying eyesore, or something that you try to hide away. Now, finally, you can keep your robot mower protected and your garden looking awesome all at the same time!


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