My Robot Home Plus a state of the art garage for robot lawn mowers.

Jul 6, 2021 | Blog

My Robot Home Plus is contemporary Danish design features windows, name inscription plate, solar powered lights and even an automatic door!

Protect your robot in style.
See the video presentation here:

The My Robot Home Plus runs completely without electricity. The door is mechanically engineered to open and close automatically. The lights that illuminate the garage outside and on the ground are solar powered. Protect you robot in style with a zero-carbon footprint.

My Robot Home Plus is made from genuine, high-quality wood. The wood is treated with oil to protect it from weather conditions. With door dimensions of 70cm (width) x 40cm (height), the garage can accommodate 95% of all robot mowers. You can now expect an increased lifespan for both you robot and the garage.


  • Solar illumination
  • Mechanical door
  • High-quality wood
  • 2 years warranty
  • Protects the robot all year round
  • Access to the robot from above
  • Name inscription plate
  • 2 years warranty

Get up, close and personal with My Robot Home Plus

The roof of this garage opens and closes allowing you to access the robot from above. You can even have your robot’s name inscribed in the name plate of the garage. Caution: Pets may get jealous.

What’s more?

The subtle base paint used on the garage allows you to repaint it with a colour of your choice. There is room for both the robot and the imagination with My Robot Home Plus.


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