Meet My Robot Home Plus, The Next Highline Garage Model

Aug 27, 2021 | Blog

Why MY HOME ROBOT PLUS is your robot mower’s new BFF!

If you have a robot mower, then you need a house for your garden’s best friend. Jokes aside, our MY ROBOT HOME PLUS is – in our words – the next highline garage model within the robot mower market! It comes with quaint windows, a name inscription plate, an automatic mechanical door, and even solar illumination around the robot and above the garage door!


Solar Illumination

All the lights in the MY ROBOT HOME PLUS run on solar energy! Let us repeat that: all the light in the MY ROBOT HOME PLUS runs on solar energy! This means that even the door is mechanically engineered to work without electricity. It’s a win-win situation where you use environmentally friendly techniques to keep your robot mower safe.

Protection & Durability

Let’s be honest – investing in a robot mower is a hefty financial decision. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to your home’s new addition. You need to give your mower the proper housing. Our sturdy garage protects your robot mower, prolonging its lifespan by several years. Again, another win-win situation for you, your robot mower, and your garden.


The base color of the MY ROBOT HOME PLUS allows you to repaint it with the colour of your preference. You can make a literal scale model copy of your own home! Imagine the possibilities…


Its dimensions are key: it has a width of 70cm and a height of 40cm, which means it fits 90% of all robot mowers! Its dimensions make it highly compatible with most models in the robot mower market. To check if it fits your mower model, read the description box on the product page or ask us directly.

State-Of-The-Art Engineering

The mechanical door opens and closes automatically, making the entire lawn-mowing process a breeze for you. And remember – the door functions with solar energy, which means you’ll never have to charge it or have ugly cables to hide!

High-Quality Material

MY ROBOT HOME PLUS is made with high-quality wood that can protect and encase your robot mower, protecting it against the elements and ensuring it stays safe, dry, and secured.


Need to access your robot mower but don’t have to remove it from the shelter the MY ROBOT HOME PLUS provides? Then you can access the robot from the top of the house. The “ceiling” tiles open up to allow you quick access to your robot mower’s control panel. 


Every MY ROBOT HOME PLUS comes with a 2-year warranty to ensure your purchase is worth the investment!


Right here! AUTO-MOW is here to change the Robot mower industry. We want to make innovative, easy, and cost-effective solutions for our valued dealers. You can purchase your own MY ROBOT HOME PLUS garage or contact us for more information.