MY ROBOT HOME – with Automatic door – maybe the best on the market.

Apr 10, 2020 | Blog

The Auto-Mow MY ROBOT HOME might just be the best garage on the market for your robot mower! It is a fully covering garage made from the highest quality of wood. It is the only auto-mechanical garage on the market; no wires or electricity needed – And it is easily adjustable for all robot mower sizes!

What does MY ROBOT HOME offer?

MY ROBOT HOME offers a unique combination of quality, functionality and protection. It is easily installed, it only takes a couple of minutes, and remains maintenance-free for many years after. The garage is made of high-quality wood with a double coating that protects the robot from all sides all year long. And if you want to access your robot mower, it is easily done from the top. By using MY ROBOT HOME, your robot will be protected from all kinds of weather – ensuring you a much longer runtime for your robot mower.

MY ROBOT HOME is the most high-end garage on the market because of its quality, design and functionality. I have tried this product on many different mowers; Husqvana, Stihl, Robomow and Gardena. I can therefore say with certainty, that the garage is incredibly simple to adjust, making it fit all the models that I have tried so far. Another feature is the auto-mechanical garage door that opens and closes automatically with no timer needed. MY ROBOT HOME is the first robot mower garage to offer this. That means: MY ROBOT HOME protects the robot all-year-round with no wires or electricity needed to function since it is mechanical. And if you would like to add a personal touch to your garage, you can easily paint the garage yourself.

What makes MY ROBOT HOME better than the other garages on the market?

If you compare MY ROBOT HOME to other similar products on the market, you will find a major difference in quality. Most garages are made of cheap plastic with open sides. These products simply do not protect the robot mower effectively from harsh weather or UV-radiation from the sun. To use an example, the popular Husqvarna garage for the f/300-series is made from plastic that is easily broken. Secondly, it does not protect from all sides which is a big issue, because it will affect the robot’s longevity negatively.

“With MY ROBOT HOME you avoid all these design flaws” – By using MY ROBOT HOME, your robot will be protected from all sides and from all kinds of weather that ensures a longevity the other garages cannot attain. The garage is also made of quality materials that furthermore will endure any kind of weather or impact. And lastly, you can easily install it in just a few minutes with no wires or electricity needed. MY ROBOT HOME will not only save you money, it will also save you time wasted on fixing your robot or garage because of a lower-quality garage.

MY ROBOT HOME is unlike any other garage on the market. The built-quality and functionality that MY ROBOT HOME offers are a must-have for any robot mower-owner. It is a high-end garage that will guarantee the best protection and the greatest longevity for your robot. It is for those who wants the best product with an uncomplicated installation. It is unquestionable that no other garage has what MY ROBOT HOME has!


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