3,8mm Premium Safety Cable – the first rodent repellent infused boundary cable.

Jun 15, 2021 | Blog

It is the strongest, most durable product on the market for Robotic Lawn Mower installation, offering superior protection against animal bites and garden tools. The cable also offers the best signal connection and has a 10-year guarantee.

Don’t waste your time on repairing broken cable

Predicting when a boundary cable will get damaged is impossible and planning subsequent repairs can, therefore, be even more challenging. Robot mower dealers carry out an average of 3 repairs per robot, within a robot mower’s lifespan, – that’s a lot of time spent just on repairs!

Wouldn’t it be nicer to spend your time installing robots and not repairing broken cable?

See the video presentation to better understand the cable construction

The 3,8mm Premium Safety Cable is the first 3-layered safety cable, that is infused with an anti-rodent repellent. The outermost layer is made of high-quality, hard plastic and is infused with a non-toxic, rodent repellent. This prevents the cable from being bitten by animals more than once. The mid-layer of the cable is protected by a 100% stronger metal mesh than our regular Safety Cable. This metal mesh ensures higher signal strength and contributes to the cable’s exceptional strength. The innermost layer is made up of the signal-vital copper threads, which is protected and insulated by a strong plastic layer.  

Does all this strength and extra protection make the cable inflexible?

No. The 3,8mm Premium Safety Cable is designed to be flexible and durable. The cable is meter marked throughout, and is flexible, easy to use and well-suited for complicated professional installations.

Our dealers have, in fact, used the 3,8 mm Premium Safety Cable 9 out of 10 times for large, complicated installations. Since such installations have a higher risk of cable breakage, the Premium Safety Cable, is by far, the preferred choice of boundary cable for larger installations.

Do you know how often boundary cable breaks within a robot mower’s lifespan?

Conventional boundary cable breaks usually more than 3 times within a robot mower’s lifespan. If not by a garden tool, then by an animal biting through the cable. That’s 3 times warranty and repair issues for robot mower professionals!! We, at Auto-Mow, saw this as a persistent problem and went about finding a solution.  We designed a cable to withstand impact and repel rodents.

“Auto-Mow has succeeded in eliminating the problem with the 3,8mm Premium Safety Cable”. Compared to conventional boundary cable, the 3,8mm Premium Safety Cable provides durability and protection, that is unmatched by any other cable in the market. You won’t find a better boundary cable than the Auto-Mow 3,8 mm Premium Safety Cable.


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