AM Portable Heat Gun Is a Game-Changer; It Will Be Your New Favorite Side-Kick!

Nov 30, 2021 | Blog

Whether you are a robotic lawn mower dealer or installer, the chances are that your toolshed is full of various tools. However, many of them have some restrictions, mainly because you need to plug them into a power plug. That means you can’t use them for any exterior repairs. That’s where a wireless heat gun comes in very handy. AM Portable Heat Gun is undoubtedly one of the most versatile tools you can use. 

What Is a Robot Heat Gun, and Why Do You Need One?

A quality heat gun can save you loads of time and energy. It’s the perfect tool to use to repair, weld, or solder using extremely high temperatures.

How does a wireless heat gun work? The heat gun sucks the air from the environment, heats it inside, and then expels it from the nozzle. 

Heat is a powerful thing. It is used to strip paint or wallpaper quickly and effectively, remove labels and stickers, thaw frozen pipes, melt wax, dry wood as well as repair boundary cables and robotic mower cables. 

What Makes a Quality Wireless Heat Gun?

There are many kinds of wireless heat guns available on the automatic robotic lawn mower market. However, if you’re doing some severe repairing, you should know how high of temperatures you need to really get it done. 

However, if you’re doing severe repairs then you should know what temperatures you need to get the task done. 

A good heat gun can reach a maximum temperature of 550 degrees which is powerful enough to remove paint or heat charcoal layers. However not every heat gun is able to reach 550 degrees.

AM Portable Heat Gun Is a Must-Have Tool to Install or Fix Robotic Lawn Mowers

For example, should you need to repair a boundary cable for a robotic mower, you must glue materials together and heat is the best way to do it. The AM wireless heat gun is specially designed to do precisely this type of work. 

It can be used for all exterior jobs, so it’s a must-have for any automatic lawn mower installer. So, whether you need to repair or install a robot lawnmower, AM portable heat gun will be your best friend.

AM Portable Heat Gun Features

It can reach a max temperature of 550 degrees Celsius. It runs on 18-volt power and has a 4AH battery, allowing for a powerful and long-lasting heat blow. You can carry out over 30 repairs on just one battery charge. Moreover, if you use it with Auto-Mow’s Pro Heat Shrink Kit, you will ensure excellent wire connection.

Why AM heat gun is a must-have for any robotic mower user/installer:

  • Wireless, long-lasting performance
  • Over 30 boundary wires repairs on just one charge
  • Works for all robot mower cables
  • Reaches maximum temperature of 550 C
  • Runs 16.5 minutes per charge
  • Has a maximum airflow of 200K/min
  • Quick-heating system and cooling to prevent burns
  • Light, makes repairs more manageable and safer
  • It weighs only 3 kg.

Use It with Am Pro Heat Shrink Kit

To ensure the best possible and most durable results, it is advisable to use AM wireless heat gun with the Pro Heat Shrink Kit. These connectors will provide the best protection for underground cables. 

The kit includes a heat shrink connector and a tube. Put together, these provide the most secure underground connection of two boundary wires.